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  • Children from up to 18 months old to 6 years old.
  • Further description regarding admission process can be gathered from school reception.
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Montessori fee

Please contact school administration for further details.

School Facilities

The school has been recently providing transportation facility approximately 2 KM around Kalanki as per the current requirement. Considering safety and the punctuality to be of paramount importance, we have recently bought a new school van. Beside the van driver, it is escorted by an adult and all the van driver is facilitated with with a mobile phone, first aid box, and emergency snack packs. So, we are flexible to reach to any place, if required in the future, upon the mutual understanding between the school and the parents.   
Reading habits are believed to shape during early stage of growth. It may later turn into a hobby which can give enormous knowledge to the person. So, in order to build such trend, Saugaat Montessori is facilitated with library which is upgraded every possible time in the school. Students are encouraged to check out library books as frequent as possible.
Since audio visual is the most effective way of teaching and learning, school is equipped with AV rooms. Children learn from educational videos as well as enjoy the occasional recreational videos in the school's comfortable audiovisual room that has a 48 inch LCD TV and a blue ray DVD. The room is commodious and can accommodate up to 50 children at a time.
Saugaat has well-equipped infirmary which is able to provide first aid to the student in need. The record of the student’s basic physical development is checked and reported terminally by the school staff. The school also educates the school community about health through school projects.
Clean, fresh and balanced lunch and snacks are served to all the students and staff at the school cafeteria inside school. The parents are provided with the school menu which changes in accordance to the need of the season and availability of the market with prior notice to the parents through appropriate communication means.